1170 Lakeland Drive • Jackson, MS



P.O. Box 4935
Jackson, MS 39296-4935
Phone: 601.981.1511
Fax: 601.981.1515


From left to right: Chuck Carr, Director of Planning and Management; Thelman Larry Anderson, Director of Human Services; Mike Monk, Chief Executive Officer; and Shay Lipe, Director of Finance

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Name Title
Michael Monk Chief Executive Officer
Thelman Larry Anderson Director of Human Services
Sonya Banes District Accountant
Linda Beatty Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Cyndy Berg Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Katie Bilbro Social Worker/Medicaid Waiver Supervisor
Lisa Blanton Social Worker/Case Manager
Hattie Boone MAC Center Supervisor
Kalen Brantley Planning Technician
Mary Broadway Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Scott Burge Transportation Senior Analyst
Lesley Callender Senior Planner
Jeani Cantrell Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Chuck Carr Director of Planning and Management
Aviance Caston Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Beverly Catchings Social Worker/Case Manager
Artricia Chambliss Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Gwen Clark Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Janice Coleman Social Worker/Case Manager
Karla Craine Human Services Assistant
Chelsea Crittle Aging Program Director
Maureen Dickerson Secretary III
Jason Duff Technical Specialist
Jane Foster Administrative Assistant
Brittany Gates Resource Specialist III
Karen Gates Project Manager
Kristen Gladney Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Tiesha Gibson Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Kiara Giles Social Worker/Case Manager
LaShunda Grant Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Katherine Hardy Social Worker/Case Manager
Angela Harris Social Worker/Case Manager
Karen Harris Social Worker/Case Manager
Delicia Harrison Resource Specialist III
Lynn Head Administrative Accountant
Erika Hill Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Fenicia Hill Social Worker/Case Manager
LouSonya Horton District Ombudsman
Markessa Hughes Resource Specialist III
Angel Idowu Social Worker/Case Manager
Gussie Jeffery P/T Resource Center Assistant
Debbie Johnson Secretary III/Receptionist
Dondria Jones-Palmer Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Daisy Jones Social Worker/Case Manager
Kyanta Jones Community Navigator
Tara Jones Program Specialist
Sandra Knight Administrative Assistant
Brenda Knott Program Coordinator
Jason Larry Community & Economic Development Specialist
Clarissa Leflore Social Worker/Case Manager
Shay Lipe Director of Finance
MaKleisha Logan-Hite Counselor
Shane McIntyre District Accountant
Kathy McKeithen Counselor
Martha McPhail Office Manager
Michelle McVey Social Worker/Case Manager
Thomas Meek Workforce System Coordinator II
Jill Middleton Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Beth Miller Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Darlene Morton Social Worker/Case Manager
Janice Neal Social Worker/Case Manager
Jessica Nichols Workforce Manager
Gray Ouzts Community & Economic Dev. Planner
Joyce Paris MIS Specialist/Adm. Asst.
William Peacock Principal Planner
Roxanne Pendleton Social Worker/Case Manager
Dwayne Perkins Loan Specialist
Regina Phillips Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Luke Pounders GIS Analyst
Mary Powers Job Training Director
Sandra Rankin ADR Specialist II
Michelle Rutledge Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Trennie Sanders Social Worker/Case Manager
Teresa Shoto Registered Nurse/Case Management Director
Johnathan Simon GIS & IT Manager
Anita Smith Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Caroline Smith Social Worker/Case Manager
Don Smith Graphic Designer
Steve Smith Planning Assistant
Scott Speights District Accountant
Janice Strong Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Mitzi Stubbs Community & Economic Development Coordinator
Dionne Taylor Social Worker/Case Manager
Tracy Thompson Social Worker/Case Manager
Tina Tolar Workforce Program Technical Specialist
Angela Travis Social Worker/Case Manager
Lindsay Sellers Economic Development Specialist
David Wade Principal Planner
Jay Wadsworth Regional Data Analyst
Tiffany Walker Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Demetria Washington Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Susan Welch Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Mattie White P/T Resource Center Assistant
LaSharon Williams Resource Specialist III
Patricia Williams Social Worker/Case Manager
Tony Wonch GIS Planner
Trisha Worthy Social Worker/Case Manager


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