Clockwise from top: Mike Monk, Chief Executive Officer; Shay Lipe, Director of Finance; Teresa Shoto, Case Management Director; Mary Powers, Workforce Director; Chelsea Crittle, Aging Program Director; Chuck Carr, Director of Planning & Management


P.O. Box 4935
Jackson, MS 39296-4935
Phone: 601.981.1511
Fax: 601.981.1515

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Name Title
Michael Monk Chief Executive Officer
Sonya Banes District Accountant
Brittany Bass APS – Family Protection Services Specialist
Cyndy Berg Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Katie Bilbro Social Worker/Medicaid Waiver Supervisor
Lisa Blanton Social Worker/Case Manager
Hattie Boone MAC Center Supervisor
Kalen Brantley Planning Technician
Mary Broadway Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Scott Burge Senior Transportation Analyst
Lesley Callender Senior Transportation Planner
Chuck Carr Director of Planning and Management
Aviance Caston Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Artricia Chambliss Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Janice Coleman Social Worker/Case Manager
Amy Conti Planning Assistant
Karla Craine Human Services Assistant
Chelsea Crittle Aging Program Director
Rachel Daniels Social Worker/Case Manager
Jason Duff IT System Analyst
Jessica Flemings Case Manager/Social Worker
Jane Foster Executive Assistant
Brittany Gates Resource Specialist III
Karen Gates Project Manager
Jimmy Giles Workforce Coordinator
Kristen Gladney Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Angela Griffin Performance Coordinator
Katherine Hardy Social Worker/Case Manager
Angela Harris Social Worker/Case Manager
Sarah Harrell APS – Family Protection Services Specialist
Karen Harris Social Worker/Case Manager
Delicia Harrison Resource Specialist III
Debra Hartfield Human Resource Manager – Finance Department
Lynn Head District Accountant
Fenicia Hill Social Worker/Case Manager
Tia Hudson APS – Family Protection Services Specialist
Markessa Hughes Resource Specialist III
Angel Idowu Social Worker/Case Manager
Leslie Ivers Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Gussie Jeffery Receptionist
Debbie Johnson Receptionist
Dylan Johnson Operations Technician
Carla Jones Case Manager/Registered Nurse
Kyanta Jones Community Navigator
Rena Jones Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Tara Jones-Cooper Program Specialist
Kiara Kendrick Social Worker/Case Manager
Brenda Knott Program Coordinator
Jason Larry Community & Economic Development Specialist
Clarissa Leflore Social Worker/Case Manager
Shay Lipe Director of Finance
MaKleisha Logan-Hite Counselor
Jeani McGraw Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Shane McIntyre District Accountant
Kathy McKeithen Counselor
Martha McPhail Office Manager
Michelle McVey Social Worker/Case Manager
Thomas Meek Workforce System Coordinator II
Jill Middleton Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Linda Mitchell Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Darlene Morton Social Worker/Case Manager
Angela Neal Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Janice Neal Social Worker/Case Manager
Jessica Nichols Workforce Manager
Gray Ouzts Principal Planner
Joyce Paris WIOA Participant Data Specialist
Roxanne Pendleton Social Worker/Case Manager
Dwayne Perkins Loan Program Director
Mary Powers Workforce Director
Cassandra Rankin ADR Specialist II
Michelle Rutledge Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Tyler Scott GIS Analyst
Teresa Shoto Registered Nurse/Case Management Director
Johnathan Simon GIS & IT Manager
Anita Smith Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Caroline Smith Social Worker/Case Manager
Chanchez Smith Social Worker/Case Manager
Don Smith Graphic Designer
Mike Smith Administrative Accountant
Mitzi Stubbs Community & Economic Development Coordinator
Dionne Taylor Social Worker/Case Manager
Laverne Thigpen Social Worker/Case Manager
Tracy Thompson Social Worker/Case Manager
Tina Tolar Workforce Program Technical Specialist
Angela Travis Social Worker/Case Manager
David Wade Principal Planner
Jay Wadsworth Regional Data Analyst
Audrey Washington Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Demetria Washington Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Susan Welch Registered Nurse/Case Manager
LaSharon Williams Resource Specialist III
Patricia Williams Social Worker/Case Manager
Tiesha Williams Registered Nurse/Case Manager
Tony Wonch Senior GIS Planner
LouSonya Woodland District Ombudsman
Trisha Worthy Social Worker/Case Manager
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