Workforce Services

At any WIN Job Center, Job Seekers can:

  • Use the Resource Room which provides computer access, information on job search techniques, and various other opportunities to search for and apply for jobs
  • View local, regional, and national job openings
  • Find out what occupations are growing, what training is required, and what they pay
  • Get help with assessing their job skills and setting career goals
  • Develop and post resumes and complete job applications
  • Learn what job training programs are available and, in some cases, get assistance with tuition and other training costs
  • In some cases, earn a Career Readiness Credential, a nationally recognized certificate that can improve the chances of getting a job
  • Sign up for and have complete access to NextJob, an internet based program for developing resumes and applications and plan and execute an effective job search
  • Youth, below the age of 22, can apply for educational and training assistance and, in some cases, qualify for limited work experience

At any WIN Job Center, an Employer can:

  • Employers can help fill their labor needs
  • Post job openings
  • Screen applications and resumes
  • Interview applicants
  • Find out about training programs and their graduates
  • Learn about training available to their current workers
  • Learn about On the Job Training wage reimbursements for new workers
  • Learn about the availability of skilled workers within the local labor force

WIN Job Centers can work with Economic Developers to:

  • Meet the needs of new or expanding business
  • Provide prospective employers with demographics regarding available labor force and skill types
  • Assist employers with training needs for new or existing employees







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